26th October at The National Maritime Museum and Queen’s House

Over Time at Royal Museums, Greenwich
Sunday 26th October
12noon – 4.45pm

Admission free and all welcome

time channel

The closing event (for now!). Over Time comes indoors for the autumn with an exciting programme of films, talks and performances in the National Maritime Museum and Queen’s House. Organised with the support of Louise Simpkiss at Royal Museums, Greenwich.

Transport and travel details here


12noon: Anne Robinson: Curator’s introduction to the Over Time project and video documentation of the  ‘foreshore’ performance weekend on 13th and 14th September, including works by Katharine Fry, Rachel Gomme, Ian Thompson, Charlie Fox, Victoria Gray, Sarah Sparkes, Victoria Gray, Jo David and The International Western,  edited by Anne Robinson,  20mins

12.30pm: Jo David: Travelling Light, video, 10mins

The passage of time and the layering of place, a development and a reduction.

12.45 pm: Gavin Maughfling: Loitering, video 6mins

Loitering was shot on a June day. The lushness of the liminal vegetation led to reflection on time lost and the sensual promises held in a city’s summer heat.

The passage of time and the layering of place, a development and a reduction.

12.50pm:  Birgitta Hosea: Time Channel, video and performance, 10mins

Spoken word performance of found text from Enderby Wharf used to recode the accompanying video

1pm: The International Western present: Calling All,  20mins

The International Western will briefly discuss their work Calling All (a farewell to the foreshore surrounding Enderby’s Wharf) using words and morse.

1.20pm:  Break

1.40pm: Sarah Sparkes: The time you need, 20mins.

A narrative lecture with time travel.

2.10pm: Claudia Firth: Fear of Unstructured Time, Lecture/Performance by  30 mins

Exploring the technologies implicated in the Enderby’s Wharf’s transition from the telecommunications manufacturing industry to the leisure industry.Time, the Telegraph Caplette, labour, leisure computopia – tracking a path through the body and cultural service and financial labour.

2.30pm: Over Time artists’ films on loop:

Documentation of the Over Time  ‘foreshore’ weekend edited by Anne  20mins

Gavin Maughfling: Loitering, video 6mins

 Jo David:Traveling Light, video, 10mins

 Claudia Firth: Data Stream: the Animal in the Machine, the Beast in the Market, video, 3mins

Claudia Firth: Back and Fill, 2014, video 9mins

Charlie Fox: Over Under Tide Time, Drag Rope Act/s and other signs 9mins.

Rachel Gomme: Flotsam (Tideshift), 5 screen video, 30mins

Birgitta Hosea: Time Channel, video, 3mins

Programme ends at 4.30pm



12 noon – 4pm:  Charlie Fox: A Tailored Wharf & Weave, performance, mobile in Old Royal Naval College, National Maritime Museum grounds and Queen’s House.

The preambulatory musings of Horatio Forbes, able seaman, bound from Gravesend on 26th February 1822. A sailor from another century carries out small tasks and interventions within the spaces of the National Maritime Museum. Carrying a canvas bag of tricks and stories: each object tells its own story and in turn is told a story from the sailors canvas bag archive.

12 noon – 4pm:  Victoria Gray: Anti-Clockwise Circles with the Left Hand, performance, in the Queen’s Bedchamber in Queen’s House

Anti-Clockwise Circles With The Left Hand is a mobile listening station. Participants accompany me on an audio walk in which two people pass through five time zones and become six voices.

12noon to 4.45pm:  Ian Thompson: Litus Expromo: Fundamental 94, Tidal Liminal, Hammer 143, Overheard, Deep Breath, sound works, in the King’s Bedchamber in the Queen’s House

Five sound pieces based on field and hydrophonic recordings at the Enderby’s Wharf foreshore;
1. Fundamental 94 (4’53”)
2. Tidal Liminal (4’02”)
3. Hammer 143 (5’57”)
4. Over Heard (4’58”)
5. Deep Breath (6’19”)

From 1.30pm:  Katharine Fry: Tide Walk, participatory performance, in the Great Hall in Queen’s House
Participants can join tide-walks at: 1.30, 2.15, 2.45

A participatory performance using the shapes and rhythms of the water’s tide to lead a meditative human tide

2.30pm -4pm:  Rachel Gomme: Jetsam,  durational performance, in the Orangery in Queen’s House

Washed up, washed away, abandoned and returned, material time pulling the past into the present

3-4pm: Sarah Sparkes will reprise here performance form the foreshore:  worromot tuoba gnikgniht pots t’nod

From 4pm:  Katharine Fry: Body Clock, performance in the Great Hall in Queen’s House

A participatory performance using individual and collective rhythms to mark time

For more information about the Over Time  art project, see:
Facebook: ‘over time’
Twitter: @annerobs # overtime
or contact: anne.robinson@londonmet.ac.uk

Link to National Maritime Museum website HERE

(image above from Birgitta Hosea’s film: Time Channel, 2014)
05  Core Lockup  CMYK 25 White RR
With thanks to the following for their support throughout the project:
David Waterworth, Mary Mills, Greenwich Industrial History Society, Emily Acton-Davidson, Louise Simpkiss, Helen Johnson, FROG Project, Nathalie Cohen, Thames Discovery Programme, Alex Mustapha, Suzanne Lockett, Sam Francis, Age Exhange, The Forum at Christchurch, Julian Jonas,  PLA, David Levy, Joshua Lindsay, Alcatel-Lucent, Greenwich Heritage Centre, East Greenwich Library, Jaime Rory Lucy, Margareta Kern, Ian Thompson, Max Mason, Samuel Capps and all of the Over Time artists and workshop participants

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