2020 Over Time Over Time

Over Time curator Anne Robinson has made a new, short film Over Time Over Time for Thames-side art project ‘Come Hell or High Water’ set up in 2019 by collective  Sarah Andrew, Anne Bean, George Pringle and Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, initially activated with Hayley Newman. The film will feature as part of the September, 2020 ‘Come Hell or High Water’.

Film available to view HERE

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Over Time Over Time

Anne Robinson, 2020, 12mins. digital video, sound.

The short film Over Time Over Time revisits a 2014 art project curated by Anne Robinson, based on the Thames foreshore at Enderby Wharf, east Greenwich, a place you got to by passing from ‘historic’ Greenwich, through a blue metal, corrugated corridor by dry dock and scrap metal, reaching a beach of sorts and old wharf structures, a place seemingly stranded in time between tourism and the dome peninsula. The project explored elastic temporality and how we live in time, how we pass the precious hours and days of our life in ordered capitalist clock-time.

Image above: Documentation of performances in Over Time, 2014. L-R: Flotsam by Rachel Gomme, Calling All by The International Western Over Time/Under Tide, by Charlie Fox.

The original project took place between May and October, 2014 on the Thames foreshore, at Queen’s House and National Maritime Museum RMG and Stephen Lawrence Gallery.

Time travel is probably impossible.. but what speed do we live by?

This film was researched, written, filmed and edited  in 2020

by the curator of the Over Time art project

Anne Robinson

With special thanks to all of the featured artists here who participated in the Thames foreshore performances for ‘Over Time’ in 2014: Jo David: Sightings, Charlie Fox: Over Time/Under Tide, Katharine Fry: Pulling Time Out of the Water  and Tide Walk, Rachel Gomme: Flotsam, Victoria Gray: Clockwise Circles With The Left Hand, Sarah Sparkes:   don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

Ian Thompson: Litus Expromo and The International Western (Ella Finer, Joe Hales, Robert Jack and Flora Pitrolo): Calling All.

The making of the 2020 film supported by ‘Come Hell or High Water and Inspiral London projects and was made possible by artist support funding from ACE via Inspiral.

Artists involved in other aspects of Over Time (2014): Claudia Firth, Victoria Gray, Birgitta Hosea, Gavin Maughfling and Ian Thompson many thanks also due in particular to local historian Mary Mills, Helen Johnston from the FROG project, Louise Simpkiss from Royal Museums Greenwich and David Waterworth, curator at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery.

Over Time (2014 supported by: Arts Council England, Royal Museums Grenwich, Totally Thames Festival, London Metropolitan University, Greenwich University

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More information on related projects:

2018 News: The ‘Over time’ project will be featured as part of” ’10-4′ a decade at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, 21 July – 18 August: click HERE for details

26th October:

Link to National Maritime Museum HERE


Some remaining copies of the Over Time publication still available – use contact page on this site to sent an email to curator Anne Robinson

There is a video with documentation from the whole project HERE

Stop Press..

HOW TO GET THERE: Transport and Directions Over Time

The Over Time  artists will be presenting film and performance works at the National Maritime Museum on Sunday 26th October. More news to follow..

See the ‘Artists’ Log’ on the Artists’ page for an update on working time on the foreshore

More information about the foreshore site, local histories  and the Greenwich Peninsula can be found at the Greenwich Heritage Centre, Artillery Square, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich SE18 4DX.


Over Time  is making contacts in the area with the amazing Mary Mills, local historian and expert on preserving riverside industrial heritage and with field researchers in the FROG/Discovery programme looking at the archaeology of the foreshore.

On 2nd August, a group of artists went exploring the foreshore with FROG archaeologist Helen Johnson and learned more about the erosions being caused by motor boats, aging wooden structures, bones, demarcations of ownership and more..

greenwich archaeology


And great news! The Thames Festival which is also happening in September have offered us support in publicising the project.. and we will be able to show some work via the NMM.. more soon!

Appeal for Funds..

there is a crowdfunder for ‘Over Time’.. tell your friends..


Over Time Artists’ News:

From Anne Robinson and Gavin Maughling:

Ghost on the Wire


Over Time curator Anne Robinson will be showing new film work Thrashing in the Static, which was filmed in part at Endersby’s Wharf and includes movement work by Rachel Gomme, in June as part of the Ghost on the Wire project at Bermondsey Project Space, London. More details here.  The show features London and Singapore based artists and is curated by painter Gavin Maughling who will also be working on Over Time.

More information here

From Charlie Fox:

Detours2 London inaugural event on the weekend of  5/6 July 2014.

Detours in a variety of unique locations including:
Gravesend Ferry terminal. (5 July)
The Shed at Stave Hill Ecological Park. (6 July a.m)
through Bermondsey/Rotherhithe walking and beyond. (6 July p.m)

 is a artist-led walking project to map and create an urban and semi-urban walking trail through London. This initial public event will look at ways of mapping, and thinking about Urban Space as an other environment: the potential shape and direction of walking route/s; how we can see the city and use it in different ways; how we can encourage artistic/experimental/ecological approaches to, and other ways of being in and intervening in the city. more details at:
This project evolves out of De/Tours in Marseille see
and the GR2013 (National walking trail through Marseille/France) see:
The project is part of BAG Exchange Festival (21 June -12th July) – an event organised through CGPLondon 30th Anniversary.